what concerns may have when customers use home energy storage system

When customers consider using lithium-ion battery home energy storage system, they may have some concerns or reservations about safety, performance, and cost. Here are some possible ways to address client concerns and what Teda to do:

Safety: Some customers may worry about the safety of lithium-ion batteries, especially after hearing news stories about battery fires.

Here is what Teda do:
1.1 Battery Cell: The battery cell Teda only selected for configuration were Lithium Iron Phosphate chemical system, they should not merely qualified with UL1642, UN38.3 & CB certificate to make sure safety performance but also with expected performance, like long cycle life and low self-discharge, which can be charged and discharged many times without significant loss of capacity as well can hold their charge for a long time when not in use. As cell performance will be key factor of the whole energy storage system.
1.2 Assembling: 100% automatic welding battery module production line with on line MES ( Manufacturing Execution System) to 100% detect each process performance to avoid human interference and make sure each process stability. Each process data will be upload to data base, you could trace back each ID of battery cell ,BMS, connected cable and case.  
1.3 BMS ( Battery Management System):  100% Teda own built software battery management system with real time battery operation monitoring,fault diagnosis, SOC and SOH estimation, short circuit protection, leakage monitoring, display alarm, thermal management and so on function to make sure battery safety operation.
1.4 Design: Utilize UL94 flame retardency materials, built with safety valves and shut down mechanisms with all kind of safety feature.
1.5 Testing: Whole battery solution 100% run semi- function test, finished -function test and 100% aging test before go to package process.
1.6 Certificate:  The whole long calendar life lithium battery energy storage system will be qualified with UL2054, UN38.3 before move to mass production, each package design will meet The National Dangerous Good package standard for transportation.  
This is what we did for a low power consumption home energy storage system, not end…


Post time: Mar-08-2023