What concerns may have may customer use home energy storage system

When customers consider using lithium-ion battery home energy storage system, they may have some concerns or reservations about safety, performance, and cost. 

In the last article, we explained what Teda does to solve the safety concerns of customers when using home energy storage, let’s see how Teda will do to guarantee performance and cost :

Teda power base includes high & low voltage battery system which acquired flexible modular design with no extra cables to provides optimized safety, life span and performance. They are perfect batteries for all applications.

Each set of high voltage power base contains up to 4 battery module PBL-2.56 in series connection and achieves usable capacity between 9.6 to 19.2 kWh.

Each set of low voltage power base contains up to 8 battery module PBL-5.12 in parallel connection and achieves usable capacity between 5.12 to 40.96 kW

Here is battery features for reference:

• Adopt high safety, long life, excellent performance LiFePO4 prismatic cells;
• Over 8000 times of cycle life;
• Intelligent BMS to ensure a safe reliable operation;
• Parallel on cabinet level available;
• Multiple communications including RS485, CAN, RS232, WIFI or LTE;
• Modular rack design for easier installation and smaller landscape

Talking about cost, customers may be hesitant to invest in a battery storage system due to its upfront cost. But when you look a long term of the investment, the cost of the battery is only part of the equation, as customer can save money over time by reducing their reliance on the grid and avoiding peak electricity rates, also some utility companies offer incentives or rebates for installing energy storage systems.

Do you want have your a low power consumption home energy storage system , you could contact Teda customer service ( to collect more information to make your own one. 

Post time: Mar-17-2023