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Rechargeable strong lumens handheld LED flashlight

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After dedicating several to research on efficient and sustainable portable power, we discovered a necessity for a product line that have yep to be invented on that reduces the limitation of traditional battery powered lighting, which use the narrow spotlight for long-distance observation and the wide beam for large-scale lighting.

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Capacity 13.2Ah/11.1V  146Wh
Case fire rating V0
Weight 3.22Lbs
Built-in battery Power Lithium battery with UL
Input DC 15V2A
Charge time DC15V: 7-9 hours
USB output USB 5V/2.1A/ quick charge 4-12V/2A
DC Wattage (MAX) DC9-12.6V/12A (Max)
AC output 100-120V 100W (Corrective Wave)
Bulb type LED light
Power indicator LED indicator screen
Working temperature -15deg C- 45 deg C
Life cycle ≥500times
Approval FCC/CE/ROHS


Built in 2600mAh power bank great for charging on the go.

Ultra bright, 100 lumen torch light.

Manual crank, provides emergency charging when other power sources are unavailable.

Built-in speaker to ensure AM/FM/WB radio sound quality.

SOS panic alarm with white flashing emergency light and loud alarm.


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